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Synagogue School 2021-2022

Our students will be engaged in relevant and meaningful learning with our team of educators. The faculty at RSNS is dedicated to creating Jewish learning which stimulates, challenges and engages every learner, encouraging them to truly understand and embrace what it means to live as a Jew in the modern world. The faculty meets regularly for ongoing professional development and skill-building. We have an integrated approach to curriculum with a strong emphasis on building relationships. We believe that relationships emerge between learners, families, children and congregants by learning together in age groupings and by weaving a network that creates a caring community within our school, which reflects our congregation.  
Tuesdays, 4:15 - 6:15pm 
Members: $470   Non-Members: $700

We join in song and prayer with our youngest students, welcoming them into the Synagogue School community. Through a holiday-based curriculum, Hebrew as a living language, and family involvement, we integrate our youngest learners into the larger RSNS community. Each family participates in the class by bringing a special ritual object from home for “show and tell.” Start date 9/14 (Tuesday)

Tuesdays, 4:15 - 6:15pm, All students attend in person
Members ONLY: $905

Students will learn in grade groupings. They will receive Hebrew instruction and attend school holiday experiences. Each student will have the choice to access prayer in mixed-aged groupings through different modalities like storytelling, social action, yoga, and art. Start date 9/14
In addition to in-person Tuesdays, families must choose one Thursday remote session. 

Thursdays - remote learning
This option addresses the need for flexibility in family’s schedules.  There will be small group learning via a virtual platform for 45 minutes with one session at either 4:15 or 6:15, dependent on registration responses.
Because students participating in this option will not have a worship experience on Thursdays, we encourage participation at the monthly Friday Family service and the monthly Shabbat Morning B’Yahad service. This will help students experience and learn Jewish prayers and is a unique opportunity for family and community participation. Start date 9/23
Please note that based on registration, we will not be offering a Shabbat School option this year. All students grades K-vav (K-6) will attend in person on Tuesdays, and all students grades bet-vav (2-6) will attend remotely on Thursdays as well.

We still feel that it is essential for our students to develop prayer Hebrew literacy, as well as a familiarity with Shabbat services. Therefore, in addition to Tuesday/Thursday classes, each grade will also participate in one Friday Night Family Service and one to two Saturday morning B’Yahad programs a year. Friday Night Family services are once a month at 7:30pm, and B’Yahad is one Saturday morning a month, from 9-11am. At B’Yahad, parents learn with Rabbi Jodie or Cantor Eric about how the weekly Torah portion can apply to our lives today, while the kids engage in fun, interactive learning with one of our skilled synagogue school teachers. At 10:15am we come together for a brief Shabbat morning service which ends at 11am. 

KADIMA with Rabbi Jodie and Cantor Eric
Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00PM
Members ONLY: $990

Our 7th graders meet with one another weekly for a class directed to developing a Jewish identity.  Students are joined by their parents once a month.  Beginning with a day-long family retreat (9/11), we form both a spiritual and a learning community where B'nei Mitzvah students and their parents encounter Judaism through the eyes of the adults and children who helped shape our heritage. Start date 9/14


(Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.)

Your Kindergarten/1st-grade child will attend Synagogue School on TUESDAYS 
Please contact Rabbi Jodie for further discussion.
If you are sending your child with medication, please put your child's name and dosage on the container. All medication will be kept in the synagogue office.



(will be notified by automated phone call if there is a snow day or other unscheduled closure)


Designated adults will pull their cars into lines in the back parking lot. An RSNS staff member will escort your child to a waiting car in the dismissal line. If your child will be picked up by someone other than who is on this list, please note that they must provide notification to Rabbi Jodie (text, email, phone) in advance.
Mon, December 6 2021 2 Tevet 5782